Grune (my_hands_stuck) wrote,

2... something or other [voice/action]

Oh, my. Everyone seems to be having such fun.

If anyone finds themselves needing a healer, I'll be... hmm... oh, somewhere.

[ And sure enough, if you walk through the main part of town soon after the announcement, Grune will be sitting next to a sign where "HEALER" is written in a nice, careful script. Anyone dare take her up on the offer? ]

(( For those not familiar with Legendia, Grune does not know any healing at all. In fact, the only spell she currently knows is called "Bloody Howling", and she is not going to hesitate to use that in place of a healing spell. REQUESTING HER SKILLS MAY VERY WELL GET A CHARACTER MORE SEVERLY INJURED/MAIMED. Just a warning. ))
Tags: !!event, !action, !voice, "missing the point" for $300 alex, "shouldn't be doing that" for $400, give me "locations" for $100 please, how about "this can't end well" for $500

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