Grune (my_hands_stuck) wrote,


In Legendia, Grune has a tendency to wander. In order to keep this aspect of her personality, she'll be wandering all over Luceti, and as such... in and out of action posts.

If you're alright with having Grune wander into one of your action posts, make some silly remarks, maybe hold a conversation for <10 comments, and wander back out again, please reply here with the characters you're okay with her intruding on.

If you'd like me to confirm before trying, please note this and give me a way to contact you (AIM, e-mail, or PM a certain account are all preferred).

I'll try to guage the situation and not break up something super serious business, but feel free to ask me to back off if I have Grune accidently intrude on something you'd very much rather she didn't.

Keep in mind this applies to ACTION POSTS only, and in almost all cases will only happen in reasonable, if strange, places. So for instance, somewhere random in the forest? Fair game. In someone's house/apartment? Only if the door has been left open (close your doors at night, kids). Off in the middle of the desert? Probably not. Mountains? Maybe.
Tags: !permissions

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