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Name: Grune
Fandom: Tales of Legendia
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown (appears to be in her 20s)
Time Period: While she’s napping (aka somewhere during the first three chapters)
Wing Color: Sea green
History: Here, but it should be noted that I’m taking her from before she gets her memory back, so anything regarding her past she is currently unaware of.
Personality: Grune has no memory of anything but her name, but she doesn’t let that bother her. She is always cheerful and welcoming, and always smiling. Grune never gets sad or despairs, and bad situations tend to fly completely over her head. Because she doesn’t have any memories, she often doesn’t realize what’s strange and what’s not, and frequently mixes up the two. She’s also curious, mostly due to her lack of experience with the world.

Grune has no real concept of danger, and thus is an odd combination of brave and oblivious. She also doesn’t quite grasp the concept of negative emotions, and as a result is blindly trusting of people and doesn’t realize when someone is harboring ill-will. For the same reason, she’s also very forgiving.

She’s very caring, and can at times be incredibly perceptive despite her oblivious exterior. She has a tendency to get physically close to people, often giving out hugs in an attempt to cheer people up. She has a tendency to either frustrate or calm those around her. Grune is very agreeable and rarely argues, often going along with groups just because she can rather than any personal motivation or a desire to save the world. But once she decides she’s going to do something, she’s very good about following through and working to the best of her abilities… until she forgets what she was helping with.

Grune seems to wander through life without any direction or desires, but due to subconscious drive of her missing memories, she has an odd feeling that she should be trying to get home... even though she has no idea where “home” is or what it’s like. She also has a strange connection to nature, being the only member of the party who can communicate with the summon spirits.

Physical - Grune is reasonably in-shape, with average body strength. As a spell caster, however, she is a powerhouse. She specializes in curse spells, and has many powerful artes. She also has very good hearing, as she overhears the rest of the party when they talk amongst themselves about here.
Mental - While oblivious, Grune isn’t dumb, having the second-highest intelligence stat in the game. In addition to having strong spells, she knows how to use them properly, being careful in her casting rather than using one which would be ineffective. She also can be highly perceptive at times, reading people much easier than those around her.
Emotional - Grune is constantly cheerful, and seemingly impossible to startle or perturb. She’s very brave as well, though this is often resulting from not recognizing danger.

Physical - Grune isn’t particularly strong or fast, or powerful in any sort of physical sense.
Mental - She’s prone to bouts of amnesia, often reverting back to remembering nothing about where she is or what she’s doing, and only recalling people’s names. Also, because she’s so forgiving, she’s easy to take advantage of.
Emotional - Because she never feels any danger, she doesn’t have any idea of when is the time to run away, possibly getting in over her head as a result. Grune also has trouble empathizing when people are feeling down, and can come across as insensitive to others’ feelings.

The Sliding Scale of Forgetfulness
Family (or close to it)
Good Friend
Yellow 13
Face With a Name
Face With No Name
Walter Arumat Ashton Sanji
Fenimore Senel
Face in a Crowd

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